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Are you searching for the best Amalfi Coast Scooter Rental? Easy Rental Scooter is the perfect choice!

Discover the amazing Amalfi Coast with Easy Rental Scooter, you can rent your scooter for a short or a long term, taking advantage of an affordable high quality service. We’re located in Amalfi Coast since years, and we embrace the whole coast with hour rental scooter service in Amalfi Coast.

Why I need to rent a scooter in Minori and Amalfi Coast?

The answer is easy: discover the Amalfi Coast at its best! Starting from Minori, toward the beautiful “Costiera”, as it’s called by locals, which is one of the Mediterranean beauties, that’s why an enormous amount of tourists choose to came here. This is amazing, but also has some downsides and one of them is, of course, traffic. Choose to rent a scooter in Amalfi Coast means to avoid to get stuck in the traffic, and reach some panoramic places that you can’t reach using a car.

Is it convenient to rent a scooter in Amalfi Coast?

Easy Rental Scooter offer the best rates you can find around here! You can rent our Piaggio Liberty 125cc and our Kimko Agility 125cc starting from a minimum of 6 hours. Rates becomes more affordable from the third rental day: long term is worth it Find out more about rates here.

Rent a scooter in Minori in complete safety.

By choosing Easy Rental Scooter you entrust yourself to a serious company, which puts safety of customers before anything else. Our scooters are meticuolously checked in every detail, to avoid any kind of problem during the rental period. We’re always focused on your safety, that’s why we’re always on hand – 24 hours a day – to assist you with any problem that may arise.

This is what you need to rent a scooter in Amalfi Coast

By now it is clear, the right choice to enjoy the Amalfi Coast is the scooter. But what does it take to rent one?

A valid driving licence

Identity card

Credit Card

A certificate of parental permission for those under the age of 18

Easy Rental Scooter: way more than just a Rental Scooter company in Amalfi Coast


How often do you have to check out at the hotel at 10 a.m., but the departure is scheduled after several hours? You can enjoy the Amalfi Coast until the moment of your "real" departure by choosing our luggage storage service. You can pick them up at any time of the day, without having to drag them around. Learn more about our luggage storage service.


You can use the headquarters of Easy Rental Scooter in Via Gerardo Amato, Minori, as a collection point for your goods. Do you need to have something delivered by a courier? Are you in a B&B and there’s not a reception where you can receive your shipment? Count on us for the goods storage!

Two wheels to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast!

The Amalfi Coast is synonymous with beauty. The postcard scenery of Positano, the elegant Ravello, Amalfi’s history, the beaches of Maiori and then Minori, the narcissus of the coast, make these places full of enchantment, dreamy panoramas, which recall a timeless charm. Riding along the scenic roads of the coast on a scooter, makes everything easier, faster and less stressful: you can appreciate all this and take full advantage of the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.





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